Dakota Access, LLC, a subsidiary of Energy Transfer Crude Oil Company, LLC, is developing a new pipeline to transport crude oil from the Bakken/Three Forks play in North Dakota to a terminus in Illinois with additional potential points of destination along the pipeline route.

Highlights of the Project include:

  • The pipeline is still not fully permitted.
  • The Dakota Access Pipeline is inherently unsafe and could cause an ecological catastrophe that would deeply impact the lives of all North Dakotans.
  • Over the last six years, there have been 466 incidents where a pipeline carrying crude oil or refined products has leaked.
  • The co-location of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) with the Northern Border Pipeline and other utilities creates additional risk of a spill, caused by the corrosive electrical currents of the other pipeline and power lines.
  • Dakota Access LLC pipeline has filed 23 condemnation suits against 140 individuals, banks and a coal mine to gain easements through North Dakota. So much for "respecting the community."
  • Dakota Access LLC is a garbage company that deserves to be punished by the federal government and investors.
Statement by Standing Rock Sioux Tribe on Dakota Access Pipeline:

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe will continue to explore all legal, legislative, and administrative options to stop construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The pipeline has already led to the destruction of our sacred sites.

It is unfortunate that the corporate world chooses to ignore the millions of people and hundreds of tribal nations who stand in opposition to the destruction of our lands, resources, waters, and sacred sites.

Energy Transfer Partners has demonstrated time and time again that the bottom line for them is money. The bottom line for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is and will always be protecting our lands, people, water, and sacred sites from the devastation of this pipeline. Our fight isn’t over until there is permanent protection of our people and resources from the pipeline.

Standing Rock Sioux Statement,